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Say goodbye to razor blades!

Our Wonder Stone epilator removes hair instantly and painlessly, while gently exfoliating your skin.

No more shaving sores, ingrown hairs or painful waxing. It's a painless solution that works on almost all skin types.

Everyone's snapping it up!

The Wonder Stone epilator has become everyone's favourite. Everyone's snapping it up! Thanks to its innovative technology and exceptional results, it's become a must-have for all hair removal routines. Users are won over by its ease of use, its performance and its respect for the environment.

Why use Wonder Stone?

Give your skin the care it deserves without compromising your health. All Wonder Body™ products are harmless, cruelty-free, safe for sensitive skin and environmentally friendly.

''Studies have shown that women spend over €35,000 on hair removal products and salon treatments in their lifetime. Our solution: the Wonder Stone epilator.''

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Economical and ecological

Unlike traditional epilators, Wonder Stone uses manual technology that requires no electricity to operate. It offers you a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative for removing unwanted hair. Thanks to its simple, effective design, Wonder Stone reduces electronic waste and minimises the carbon footprint associated with hair removal.

No more bumps or sores!

.Removes unwanted hair
.Gently removes dead skin cells
.Reduces the appearance of strawberry pimples
.Improves skin texture
.Easy to use
.Lasts up to ± 1 year
.Painless and environmentally friendly

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